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A guide to the most effective back acne treatment

A guide to the most effective back acne treatment

A guide to the most effective back acne treatment…

Acnes don’t come alone; they come with an urge to pop them. Some people find face acne so embarrassing that they pray for it to appear somewhere except on the face. But it is equally frustrating to have them on the back. Men with extreme acne on their face stop shaving their beard. Do you struggle to scrub your back because of them?

5 most important things to remember when you have back acne

Who gets back acne?

Acne is a common condition. You shouldn’t think that you are alone. Out of 100 people, 80 of them get acne between the age of 11 and 30. 50% of the people with acne on their face also have acne in some other part of the body – most likely on their back. Our skin remains moisturised and protected because of an oily substance called sebum. As sebum captures tiny particles like dead skin cells or any other foreign particle, it clogs the pores of sebaceous glands or sweat pores giving rise to acne.

Acne comes in multiple sizes 

Acne comes in many shapes and sizes. Blackheads and whiteheads are two of them. Both of them occur when our skin pores become clogged. Both of them keep the potential to turn into pimples and have no difference as such. It’s just that the blackheads are darker because of oxidation. As they remain untreated they turn into a form of pimple called papules that don’t have pus and have a white tip. These papules, when they develop pus inside them turn into pustules. Then there are nodules and cysts that are large in size. Nodules are painful and solid, whereas cysts are pus filled nodules that are neither solid nor are they painful.

Why do they get worse?

Acne gets worse with humidity and the sweat that comes with it. They get worse when you wear tight fitting clothes.  Acne flare-ups show when you are in extreme stress as a Stanford University research has shown it. Smoking, dehydration, alcoholism and use of aggressive skin products can worsen it too. 

Why squeezing acne is the worst idea?

You have been told not to pop these pesky little blobs. Your dermatologist warned you and so did your elders. Why? Because when you are popping them, the pus just doesn’t come out, sometimes they go deep inside. The Debris that goes inside comes out in the form of even bigger pimples or newer pimples around the older ones. Bursting of acne can leave scars that wouldn’t have been this worse if they weren’t popped in the first place. So don’t continue doing something that you know is bad for you.

Stay away from these stuffs

Surprisingly, some foods like chocolate, honey, omega 3 fatty acids and dairy products that are otherwise considered healthy for an average human are not good for people who are having acne problems. Other foods like sugar and refined grains can make your acne difficult. Stay away from medications that contain lithium or male hormones like androgen.

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