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How often do you feel that you ended up eating junk or nutrient-deficient food that might adversely affect your skin? How often do you regret consuming food items that lack basic nutrients essential for your health? For many of us, the answer is more often than we will publicly admit. It’s easy to blame our hectic lifestyles, lazy attitudes or just plain lack of resources and sweep these worries under the carpet. But in due course of time, these eating habits will take a grave turn. So how does one get out of this predicament? Is there something that can take care of our complete health and diet requirements? The answer is yes - Nutraceuticals.

We are all extremely conscious of the importance of nutrition and its correlation with one’s health and beauty thanks to science and power of internet. Dietary supplements providing additional health benefits along with nutrition have existed since ages. However, nutraceuticals are supplemental products that provide nutrition and serve as medicine for your skin. Today, nutraceuticals are widely acknowledged because of their potential nutritional, safety, and therapeutic effects. Its growing importance is because of our modern lifestyles and constantly evolving health trends.


                The market for nutricosmetics is primarily driven by the growing need for cosmetics with natural ingredients, concerns regarding healthy aging and evolving beauty perceptions. We are now aware that beauty is intimately connected to how we feel and that it can be sustained only when we are healthy from within. This awareness has opened the beauty industry to a newer and wider range of consumers whose demands are being readily met by nutricosmetic products.

So how do nutricosmetics act as nutrients and cosmetics. They function at the basal level to improve various pathological conditions and facilitate good health. Furthermore, they enhance one’s holistic health and promote the concept of beauty through a healthy body.

               Therefore, these products are best suited to achieve ‘healthy beauty’ since they are manufactured using natural sources and their raw materials are collected through environmentally safe and sustainable methods. Extracts from plants such as pomegranate, turmeric, and amla (Indian gooseberry) are concentrated into standardised forms, which in turn ensure efficient and consistent results. These individual ingredients have unique activities that enhance beauty from within. Cosmetic products are known to work only peripherally, but food-based beauty ingredients reach the target sites within the body and hence provide holistic benefits.

At the end of the day, what do we all want to look our natural best? Healthy skin, great hair, and good nails, right? Thanks to advancements in science, products like nutraceutical and nutricosmetics can fulfill all our needs in a holistic, healthy and sustainable way.
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