Vegan Beauty Milk (150gms)

Increase in Sexual Desire

Prevents growth of bacteria-01

Support Healthy Hormonal Balance

Strengthens skin cell walls-01

Stress Relief


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Your collagen, best collagen
Collagen Breaks down as we enter our 30's. It gets affected due to stress and an unhealthy lifestyle. Protect and preserve your natural collagen with Collagen Creamer.
A vegan collagen supplement and creamer formulated to help get you a plump and radiant skin, healthy hair and nails. 


Add 1 rounded scoop of this skin-protecting creamer to coffee or smoothies to promote healthy skin and hair. No additives, so may clump. Blend for maximum yum.

Consume For Minimum 3 Months

8 weeks and 18 participants


felt their skin give a healthier glow by end of 8 weeks


said their hair fall had reduced and hair felt stronger


loved the taste of the creamer and consume it as a milk replacer in ther tea coffe and smoothies

Based on a 8 week in-house study involving 18 female subjects; to evaluate the efficacy and acceptability of Collagen Creamer

Real Results