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Hunting the best muscle recovery supplements? This guide is for you!

If you are reading this, then we suspect one of the two reasons that brought you here. Either you have been working out too hard for the past few days or you have taken a new exercise altogether. Whichever the reason be, you are feeling like your muscles have become weaker but you also want to hit back at the gym ASAP. This article is just not limited to the above two reasons; there are many other reasons like ageing and menopause that also cause you to lose your muscles. So this article is divided into 3 parts.

• The habits that you need to change so that you don’t lose muscle at a fast pace.

• The habits that you need to inculcate so that you regain the lost muscles.

• The supplements that you can take to boost your muscle recovery goal.

Habits that are leading to your muscle loss

The truth is - those of you who are on a weight loss programme are to lose both fats and muscles. But what if you aren’t burning enough fats and the only thing that is getting reduced are your muscles? A typical weight-loss regimen includes the consumption of fewer calories with the goal of burning more calories. But calories get burnt both in terms of protein and fats that are present in your body. To ensure the presence of adequate protein in your body you have to replenish it. You can either choose to replenish it with a protein-based diet or with supplements. For now, let us discuss some habits that you need to shed –

• If you aren’t taking care of what you are putting in your mouth: If you are relying on a carb-based or fat-based diet during an energy-deficient weight loss regimen then you are burning out all your protein and preserving the fats that you wanted to lose in the first place.

• If you aren’t replenishing the protein just after the workout: After a workout, your body is deficient in calories. You have to provide it with the necessary calories, or it will start munching on your body's fats and proteins. Replenishing the protein with a protein supplement ensures that your body loses the fats only. The supplementation of protein from an external source also ensures fast recovery of the muscle damage that happens during the workout.

• If you are taking a bad supplement: The right recipe includes all those ingredients that aid in the proper absorption of the protein and that doesn’t cause indigestion. If any food adds more benefit then it is cherry on top.

Tips for muscle recovery and growth

• At the gym, your instructor often tells you to never miss any day, be it your leg day or be it your chest. If you are intentionally missing the exercise of a particular part and over-exercising the other, then you are hurting both of these parts. A research paper published in SAGE Journal points towards overuse injury in young adults.

• Another research paper from the American Journal of clinical nutrition suggested that intake of a higher amount of protein in form of the supplements during an energy deficit exercise session can preserve lean body muscles (LBM).

And this is what you need to do from now. You need to focus on overall body exercises and focus on gaining LBM. A diet based on chicken, eggs and seafood can be a great choice for you. But they also come with downsides. Many people are allergic to seafood and many don’t want that cholesterol that come with eggs. Many supplements are particularly tailored for this purpose and here we will mention some of the best.

These are best post workout supplements for muscle recovery

• Whey Protein Isolate – When it comes to gaining muscles, no one can deny that Whey is the way. It comes from Bovine milk and that makes it an animal product. It contains all the essential amino acids that can be used for all-around protein nutrition. As it comes in the form of powder it becomes very convenient to mix and consume it. Whey protein isolate gives you the convenience of consuming it just after the workout even when you are standing at the gym or on the tracks.

• Probiotic Acidophilus – Taking protein doesn’t ensure proper absorption. For that, you have to have a properly functioning digestive system. Probiotic Acidophilus ensures that you have a balance of internal bacteria in your gut. Acidophilus is a well-tested intestinal bacteria that is also the safest of all probiotics.

• Spirulina Algae – A research paper published in NCBI claimed that rigorous exercise can lead to oxidative stress and can cause oxidative damage to our cells. Also, as we age the oxidative stress in our body keeps on increasing. Spirulina alga is a super-food that contains a lot of antioxidants that inhibits oxidative damage; it contains essential vitamins that replenish your body’s everyday need for water-soluble vitamins.

• Prebiotic fibre – Another miraculous food that fills three needs with one deed is prebiotic fibre contains inulin that has been shown to improve gut health, control blood sugar and aids in weight loss. Anyone who is on a workout knows about the hikes and dips of the blood sugar. They will always value this food at any cost.

• Hydrolysed Marine Collagen – Marine products come with many benefits and people know it. A report from MDPI claims that marine collagen is superior to mammalian collagen. Researchers found that marine collagen has better water solubility, better biocompatibility, low immunogenicity, antimicrobial activity and functionality as a whole. 

If you are searching for a premium product that is specifically designed on these nutritional components then you can try our Renew + Repair five in one beauty protein mix. We have ensured that it is gluten-free, hormone-free and very low in lactose and fat. We have added no sweeteners, flavours or artificial colours. The blue tint in R + R comes from the added Spirulina algae.