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Protect Repair

Protect Repair

Protect + Repair

Fight ageing at molecular level with best collagen supplements & more!

Our ultimate interest lies in the question - “Can we slow down the ageing process?” At first, we shed some light on the process itself. As we get older, our body goes under cellular damage at the molecular level. The damage is caused by oxygen-containing reactive molecules called free radicals, shortening of the DNA sequence of telomeres and an ultimate loss of muscle and collagen. In simple words, we can say that as our body gets older, it goes through several changes. 

Habits that accelerate the ageing process

“I am sorry! I have bad news for you”. If this isn’t something that you would want to hear from your doctor then get up and get rid of these habits that are damaging your skin, your muscles and your overall well-being.

• Smoking – Tobacco smoke is toxic to the cells. A report from NCBI suggested that the gross elasticity of the skin cells was significantly lower in habitual smokers in comparison to non-smokers. Another report published in BCMJ shows how smoking damages the small blood vessels that bring nutrition to the muscle cells. The starved cells start to die slowly and cell regeneration slows down.

• Alcohol consumption – We have heard people saying that alcohol dehydrates our bodies. It dehydrates our cells and that at a cumulative level dehydrates our body. Excessive consumption of alcohol alters your hormonal balance which has negative effects on muscle metabolism. The heart is a muscle too. Excessive consumption of alcohol is correlated with cardio-toxicity and cellular damage in the heart that can reduce your day-to-day mobility and overall quality of life.

• Lack of proper sleep – Proper sleep is necessary for cell regeneration. Lack of sleep can slow down this process and affect the largest organ of our body – The skin. An adequate amount of sleep also ensures an efficient physiological process. A research paper published in NCBI archives showed that a person who slept for 5.5 hours only had 60% less muscle mass by the time that study ended.

• Too much exposure to the sun – UV rays is the main culprit behind the free radical creation. These oxygen-rich unstable molecules bond with other elements to stabilise themselves. They in turn steal the energy from our healthy cells and cause oxidative damage to them. The enzymes generated during this process damage the DNA and disintegrate our collagen, causing premature ageing.

Habits that decelerate the ageing process

• Regular Exercise – Research conducted by Birgitta Langhammer, Astrid Bergland and Elisabeth Rydwik suggested that inactivity can cause muscle atrophy. Muscle atrophy is a serious condition where our muscles waste away and get decayed because of underuse. Exercising can not only halt this common condition but can accelerate your metabolism, and lower your blood pressure. Exercising regularly helps your small blood vessels regenerate which ensures that your skin and muscles receive adequate nutrition.

• Having a healthy diet – We often find ourselves overwhelmed by so many varieties of food. It becomes difficult for us to decide what to eat and what to leave. The list of healthy food is unending but the list of unhealthy food is limited. So, we thought of telling you to stay away from the food that hurts you. Sugar is the most commonly consumed and the most harmful of all of them. It tops the list of advanced glycation end products (AGEs products) that are toxic to your cells. It accelerates the wrinkling and sagging of skin. It also reduces the secretion of Human Growth Hormone that halts the natural growth of your muscles. A well-wisher will always advise you to stay away from this white poison.

Where to get these nutrients

All of these nutrients can be obtained from animal and plant-sourced foods alike. Foods like chicken soup, fish and milk can provide you with your daily dose of protein, collagen and minerals. Though it is not necessary that the sources have to be animal-based; a lot of these supplements are derived from fermented and refined plant products. Glycine is the main amino acid that is found in sugarcane, whereas lysine can be obtained from the fermentation of heterotrophic bacteria like Corynebacterium glutamicum. These molecules make up collagen. Chicken soup and fish can be supplemented by Whey protein isolate and the rest of the antioxidants & vitamins come from plant sources.

7 best vegan collagen boosting supplements for anti-ageing

In our quest to find the perfect balance in our lifestyle, we have discussed the habits that can accelerate or decelerate the ageing problem. Some super-foods can aid in the slowdown of this process. The ageing process is strongly correlated with the loss of collagen, degeneration of cells and muscle atrophy. A combination of these supplements can slow down these symptoms.

• Protein – The process of ageing comes with a loss in muscle mass as bodily functions become less efficient in protein synthesis. A study has shown that women in their 30s face a faster rate of muscle depletion. Another study published in NCBI suggested that the process of muscle wear down can be halted with the use of protein supplements.

• Glycine - Collagen is the most important component that maintains the elasticity of our skin, and Glycine is the most important amino acid molecule that takes up to one-third of the space in collagen.

• Lysine – What makes lysine an essential amino acid? The fact that your body cannot produce it by itself and so you need to take it from outside. Lysine is used in the formation of Carnitine that aids mammals in their proper metabolism. It is one of the most important amino acids that help the muscles to grow properly and transport fats throughout our bodies.

• Proline – Proline has a wide range of functions. Formation of collagen and reparation of skin damage & wounds are the two most important functions of Proline.

• Vitamin C – Our skin contains a high concentration of vitamin C. It supports the synthesis of collagen and protects our skin from UV induced photodamage. It is a water-soluble vitamin that washes away with urination or excretion. Regular intake of this nutrient becomes necessary as we need to replenish our body with this vitamin every time our body loses it.

• Probiotics – Gut health plays a major role in the process of absorption of these nutrients. Probiotics ensure that our intestine has enough good bacteria that ease our digestion process. The better we absorb; the more nutrients our skin and muscles get.

• Antioxidants – Vitamins like A, C and E minimize the damage done by the free radicals. These molecules are called antioxidants. Some beverages like White tea and Green tea are packed with antioxidants too.

• Vegan collagen builder – The combination of vitamin C along with the molecules of Lysine, Proline and Glycine work as a key stimulator of collagen synthesis. This works as an alternative to animal based collagen that work internally.

Here’s a super-food

Try to visualise a food that contains all these nutrients.
• The food that contains unadulterated Whey protein isolate for your daily protein needs.
• Lysine, Glycine and Proline are sourced from organic sources to help you build collagen.
• Probiotics like Bifidobacterium and Lactobacillus help you absorb these nutrients.
• Extracts from all the exotic antioxidant-rich fruits like avocado, allium sativum, cantella asiatica extract and many more to help your skin rejuvenate.
What does it look like? Nature has provided us with all of these boons and we have cooked a super recipe of them. I am love’s Protect + Repair is a combination of all these scientifically proven nutrients that can help you with your fine lines, wrinkles and strengthen your muscles so that you stay young both in and out.

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