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Why do we need ingestible beauty products?

Why do we need ingestible beauty products?

Admit it, you want to look naturally beautiful. You are tired of creams and sick of oils. You dream of finding a secret box that gives you magic ingredients for “long-lasting beauty” or unlocking “beauty from within”. But seriously, keeping Narnia-like dreams aside, how do you really achieve it?

When you are happy from within, you look happy to everyone outside. Similarly, if you want your beauty to come from within, shouldn’t you make changes from within rather than on the surface? Nutricosmetics were created to work on this very principle, and they provide a lasting and natural way to enhance skin health. This is why even cosmeceuticals, whose effects are short term and superficial, have begun to pair their topical products with a nutricosmetic supplement.

        Traditionally, we depended on topical treatments to nourish our skin, hair, and nails, but now we are turning to ingestible skincare supplements, because the connection between what we eat and how we look is clearer than ever before. We all understand that effects of applying a topical cream on the body is not the same as ingesting a pill. When we apply oils, creams, or serums on the surface of the skin, hair, and nails, there is minimal interaction between the product and our body. The underlying cells absorb just a fraction of the active ingredients, and even lesser is absorbed by our blood supply. Think of it as Chinese whispers. Much is lost in translation, and our skin gets only a tiny portion of the intended benefits. Conversely, ingested foods and supplements have a deeper impact because our gastrointestinal tract digests them, allowing them to be absorbed by our blood stream, which in turn circulates them to our organs that metabolize, filter, and redirect them before finally assimilating them.

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          The nutricosmetics industry is constantly evolving. To make an enduring change in our body, beauty and wellness brands have launched supplements, vitamins, powders, and ingestible products for skin health. These products are designed to combat external concerns (e.g., acne, aging, and depleting collagen levels) and to promote complete well-being in the long term. And they seem to follow the adage - slow and steady wins the race! So, you start seeing (and sometimes feeling) visible results anywhere between three weeks to two months. And the benefits aren’t going away in a hurry; they are here to stay.

Another thing to note is that nutricosmetics can be easily incorporated into your daily skin and beauty routine. They are a simple yet effective way to improve your health and skincare routine. And more importantly, they take it up several notches so you can achieve all your hair, nail, and skin goals and unlock #BeautyFromWithin.

       If you think you are already eating well and using great natural skincare and beauty products, well, nutricosmetics still can make a difference. They provide you with a holistic 360° skincare approach and treat your beauty concerns from within. All this is sure to make you happy. And remember – a happy you is a beautiful you!


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