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7 Helpful Tips to Find the Right Post Workout Supplement

7 Helpful Tips to Find the Right Post Workout Supplement

7 Helpful Tips to Find the Right Post Workout Supplement 

 People join a gym for various reasons. The goal isn’t always fitness. Many go to the gym to pick up dates, some to socialise and some go for work out. Not everyone who goes to the gym searches for the best post-workout supplements online. If you are reading this then you are that person who is serious about training and about gaining muscles. Your intention deserves the best combination of nutrients that can help you achieve your goal.

 What to look for in a post-workout supplement

 Workout causes muscle wear and tear. That’s why post-workout supplements are normally focused on muscle recovery. These are the nutrients that when combined in the right proportion can prove to be the best post-workout supplement.


  • Look for a protein source that contains all the essential amino acids –

Whey protein comes from bovine milk which makes it an ideal source of animal protein. It contains all the essential amino acids that are necessary for the all-around development of muscles in the body. The whey protein powders come with the convenience of mix and drink which makes them a great choice for your daily commute to the gym.

  • Take a supplement that aids in protein absorption–

A properly functioning digestive system is necessary for an optimal level of protein absorption. Probiotic Acidophilus is exactly meant for that. It maintains a balance of bacteria in your gut and helps to keep your digestive tract healthy.

  • Look for a great antioxidant source –

Demanding exercise regimens come with lots of stress. This stress leads to oxidative damage that shows up as high blood pressure, diabetes and even cancer. The antioxidant rich spirulina algae can efficiently counter this and keep you going through your routine. Adding this superfood to your diet is necessary.

  • Blood sugar fluctuation is very common during a fitness session. Look for supplements that stabilize your blood sugar–

 Prebiotic fiber has shown to aid weight loss, control blood sugar and improve gut health. Adding this food to your diet can give you significant long term results.

  • Add collagen to your diet–

Collagen is loaded with amino acids that are essential for muscle development. Exercise results in muscle wear and tear. These muscles can be quickly replenished and recovered with the use of collagen. Collagen has been shown to have high bioavailability which ensures its quick absorption into the body. Collagen doesn’t exert much digestive pressure when combined with other forms of protein.  

 Adding these superfoods to your daily routine is not a big deal. They are readily available in marketplaces. But modern life is no less of a hassle. Amidst the busy schedule, it becomes very difficult to spend time picking these items. Some brands have come with a solution. Brands, like I am love, have combined all of these superfoods into a one in all supplement powder. I am love’s Five in one protein mix renew + repair contains all of these supplements along with added benefits of marine collagen. For those who want a vegetarian alternative – I am love has come with a protein mix that contains plant-based collagen boosters instead of marine-based collagen. I am love’s protect + repair is formulated with plant-based supplements. They have also ensured to make the product using whey protein isolate that can be used even when you are lactose intolerant.

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